Strength of Experience

Strength of Experience

Landmark Golf is an internationally recognized real estate development company with the proven in-house ability to provide full-service golf development and operations management. Landmark specializes in creating, designing, constructing and managing prestigious golf master planned residential and resort communities.

Landmark Golf’s “Strength of Experience” is distinguished by its
• love of the game
• extraordinary vision
• remarkable accomplishments

Business partners since their days on the PGA Tour, Landmark leaders Ernie Vossler, Joe Walser Jr. and Johnny Pott, together with their team of talented and knowledgeable development/management specialists, are distinguished for creating and marketing high quality real estate developments, providing exceptional professional services and hosting golf’s finest events at premier golf venues.

Landmark Golf believes in success through relationships; paying close attention to the customers’ desires; elevating from within so that delivering the “Landmark Experience” becomes second nature and in the willingness to make a commitment until the job is finished.

Landmark Golf’s core philosophy is value enhancement through the creation of exceptional real estate opportunities with distinctive recreational amenities to ensure profitable returns on investments.

In keeping with this philosophy, Landmark Golf is dedicated to investing substantial time, energy and talent to all phases of conceptualizing, developing and specifically tailoring amenities that define the unique character of a community. Landmark Golf prides itself on being creative while being efficient, effective and result-oriented. The Landmark Team has proven time and time again how to create and manage successful golf properties that withstand the test of time.

Landmark Golf believes unquestionably that GOLF improves the quality of a residential or resort community by creating a lifestyle for the community and providing the most efficient use of open space which is so precious in a fully developed community. Properly planned, implemented and operated, golf developments will enrich lives and most certainly enhance long-term property values.

Landmark Golf, a renowned force in the world of golf, is unmatched in its ability to create, design, construct and manage golf facilities. Landmark is proud of this unparalleled combination of talent and expertise and recognizes the uniqueness of our “Strength of Experience.”